Castor Oil as a remedy for constipation is well-known for centuries. Ancient Ayurveda has always prescribed this powerful laxative and used it in the most effective manner.

BM Herbals' Castor Oil, with it's unique concoction is reinforced with "Ginger Extract", to make it the safest castor oil, that helps to avoid stomach spasms.

Adding just 10ml of BM Castor Oil every day to the dough for one roti / chapati is the simplest way to tackle constipation. Castor Oil, is equally effective for the treatment of chronic knee pain, mainly caused due to old age.

Aging has a direct impact on our knees and makes them sore and hence, have to be tended to regularly. The fatty acid in BM Castor oil, called Ricinoleic acid, has impressive anti-inflammatory properties, and it works wonders on the sore knees. Almost nothing can duplicate all the pros of this wonderful and age old remedy for acute constipation. No pain, no irritation, and no side effects.

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