Liver's strength and ability to detox the body, by filtering out the unhealthy substances, is crucial for the sound health of a person.

Hepastim Capsule, with it's unique mixture of natural herbs like "Kalmegh", "Kutaki", "Chitrak" and "Bhringraj", is very effective when it comes to healing various liver-related health issues.

Be it the "Fatty Liver" or minor infections or issues related to alcoholism and jaundice, Hepastim Capsule helps boost the liver core function of performing the detox and ensures it's optimal performance.

Other crucial ingredients include "Trikatu", "Awala" and "Hirda" that improve digestion, increase appetite and ease constipation.

Convenient to consume and easy to travel with, the Hepastim Capsules allows the patients to continue the advised dosage uninterrupted.

Advisable Dosage :
1 Capsule thrice a day

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