Sound health of a person depends mainly on their liver's strength and ability to detox the body, by filtering out the unhealthy substances.

BM Herbals' Hepastim Syrup is a Liver Tonic that bolsters the liver's core function of performing the detox and ensures optimal performance.

A unique mix of natural herbs like "Kalmegh", "Kutaki", "Bhringraj" and "Punarnava" in Hepastim Syrup, strengthens the weakened liver, making it fully functional to tackle multiple conditions viz. fatty liver, or minor infections or issues related to alcoholism and jaundice.

Other crucial ingredients include herbs like "Awala", which is a best digestive and a rich source of "Vitamin C" and "Hirda", being a mild laxative eases constipation. Besides acting as a liver stimulant it has also proved efficacious for common complaints like loss of appetite and chronic constipation.

Advisable Dosage :
2 to 3 spoonfuls of Hepastim Syrup with lukewarm water

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