An elixir or a panacean all-heal remedy for hair, BM Rajaswa Hair Oil is known to alleviate all hair and scalp related problems and untimely hair loss. The health reviving, rejuvenating effect of BM Rajaswa Hair Oil on scalp is specifically relevant to hair loss which is also an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy.

Regular application/light massage with "BM Rajaswa Hair Oil" is also the right remedy for insomnia and stress related sleeplessness. A light bedtime application has a soothing effect on frayed nerves at the end of a stressful day. What's more, it also gives you healthy, shiny hair to flaunt.

Directions for use - Massage 10 ml of oil on the scalp at bedtime.
Note : In case of cancer patients, recommended only after chemo treatment is over.

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