The most common health concern today is the muscular aches and pains, that causes inflammation, in joints, muscles or fibre tissues.

BM Herbals' Rumax Oil, with its unique composition of an ancient herb and oils ensures relief from muscular stress, through consistent application.

People over 50 years of age, usually suffer from knee and joint pain. Massaging these sore joints, knees, muscles routinely with Rumax Oil strengthens them and gives sustained relief, as it reduces the internal swelling (inflammation).

Rumax Oil is applied externally, hence, the internal system of the user remains free from any stress or disturbances, even in case of post traumatic / physio massages after accidents.

It is highly effective even for lingering pain caused by illnesses like Chikun Gunya.

Method of Application :
Apply thrice a day. Massage gently in a single direction.

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