Sesame Oil, especially with the Murchit concoction, has always been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicinal practices, that are prescribed for healing ailments and sustaining sound, long-lasting health.

BM Sesame Oil (Murchit) has perfected this conventional concoction prepared with Haldi (Turmeric) and Manjishtha. A proper massage, with it, strengthens the muscles and removes dryness of the skin. The unique combination of Haldi & Manjistha, gives the skin a beautiful glow and helps overcome hyper pigmentation. Its Sandalwood Fragrance cuts through your frayed, stressed and overused muscles and induces a feeling of divine tranquility. Ayurveda has traditionally relied on Sesame oil, especially with the Murchit concoction, as a healing oil, through massage therapy and for other herbal treatments. It has also been the chosen massage oil for all the new mommies and their new babies.

BM Herbals has consistently been improving the Murchit Concoction to make BM Sesame Oil most effective for our users. BM Sesame Oil (Murchit and Fragranced) is the result of the same.

Whether it's leisure & relaxation or nutritional and recreational benefits, or baby and mommy massages, BM Sesame Oil (Murchit) and Fragranced is the preferred choice of many.

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